真人游戏官方app的A级 学生们热烈欢迎 into school for an insightful talk on the importance of 日常生活中. This not only showed the diversity of engineering as a career but highlighted the creativity 而且 ingenuity of the profession!



Our advice on how to be a better listener this .



Do you sometimes struggle with your child’s behaviour? Would you like to develop a better underst而且ing of yourself as a parent as well as your child’s emotions & 行为? Then join our next free online Reflective Parenting Group, 从 20 February 2023.


个人发展主管 & Citizenship (PSHE), 真人游戏在线app, Richmond upon Thames



这是 2月2日. Make space on that day to talk to someone about mental health. 谈谈你的感受, 一个你一直在纠结的问题, 或者任何你想说的话. 真人游戏官方app开始谈吧.


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英国在线纪念活动 2023将于今天晚上7点开始. 加入真人游戏官方app的主持人 as we learn lessons 从 the past 而且 commit to creating a better future.



明天是 , an international day of remembrance for the millions murdered during the Holocaust. have selected a few books to give readers of all ages an insight into this important period in history. 阅读更多信息⬇️


另一个成功 完成! 近1400名学生参加了此次活动 而且 任务. A huge thanks to the many external speakers as well as our amazing staff who made this day such a success. Look out for photos in our upcoming bulletin 而且 magazine!


Teacher of Religious Education, 真人游戏在线app, Richmond upon Thames




Our Y13 Geographers are back at Waldegrave after an inspiring week of at ! Amazing efforts 从 all despite the chill! We now look forward to using the skills learnt this week as they start to write up their coursework next week. 🌲🌿


Another busy day for our Geographers as they visited Dorking for their human geo study! They gathered data on the environmental quality along the high street, combined with some climatic data too followed by analysing the reasoning behind such changes 从 location to location!


很高兴欢迎大家 who gave a fascinating insight in the profession of Project Management 而且 the instrumental function it serves in both our professional 而且 personal life.


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Our 8-week online support group offers parents a safe space to gain info to support their young person (11-16) who may be experiencing anxiety, depression 而且/or suicidality; 而且 are on a CAMHS waiting list. For more info: 07597 574 947 or


接下来的3天 in Box Hill Surrey is home for our Y13 A Level Geographers. They are collecting data to investigate the Carbon Cycle in the area: doing a field sketch on Lodge Hill then sampling for the concentration of carbon storage in the soil.



Developing healthy coping strategies to deal with intense 而且 difficult emotions is an important skill for young people. Learn more about them at our next Schools in Mind seminar on 26 January:



Residents are being offered FREE byst而且er training to give them the tools they need to safely intervene when they see problematic behaviour occurring. 📆1月18日星期三 ⌚ 6.30 - 8.30pm 📍在线 Learn more about you'll learn 而且 book your place ⬇️


We hope you all had a wonderful break 而且 wish everyone a happy new year as we now progress into the Spring term! If you’d like to remind yourself of the fun busy Autumn term we had here at Waldegrave, why not take a browse through our two magazines:



There are still a few spaces left for the Film Skool Deluxe club as part of the FUEL/HAF programme in Kingston 而且 Richmond! See if your child can attend for free 而且 learn all about film-making at


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Some of the free Kingston 而且 Richmond FUEL activities starting next week are for children with SEND, 其他的则是包容性的. If you want your child to attend 而且 they have SEND, please email us for a code. 燃料


Waldegrave's newly refurbished conference room provides an ideal space for conferences of up to 25 attendees.   

With versatile tables 而且 seating plus modern presentation equipment, the conference room can be arranged in a style to suit you needs.

Direct access to our well-being garden provides an excellent breakout space.  Other rooms can also be hired to support your event.

High quality refreshments 而且 hot or cold lunch can be organised 从 our in-house caterers

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