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🎶 You give a little love and it all comes back to You. 你会因为你的言行而被人铭记🎶这是真人游戏官方app学校出品的《真人游戏官方app》的第二场胜利之夜. Congratulations to 的 whole cast on 的 fantastic performances! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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On 11 February and 18 February, 3.30-4.30pm, we have free Mindfulness with Clay art workshops at our Youth Zone, our new wellbeing drop-in for 12-25-year-olds who want to chat, chill and get 1-to-1 support. 电子邮件:青年.服务.org


恭喜里士满青年作家节的四位决赛选手:索菲亚, 艾丽卡, Floss和Millie的作品将不仅出版在一本书中,而且还将由当地演员在交易所表演, 队在3月.


Students have been celebrating Chinese New Year; 的y enjoyed a delicious Chinese lunch, 有程序集, In Mandarin Club learnt 的 significance of "Year" and 的 colour red, 做纸灯笼, learnt to use chopsticks, in Art created celebration banners


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每天花20分钟和你的孩子谈谈心理健康. Here are some conversation starters you can use.


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Heatham House Youth Centre - half term programme. Monday 14 February to Friday 18 February. Free activities for children and young people aged 9 to 19 years.


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令人惊讶的消息——今天的展会一直持续到下午4点,所以年轻人有足够的时间参加. 如果你是16-24岁,在通用信贷,这是你的机会,以确保6个月全薪工作安置!


六年级 Social Science Club heard from Karl Mason, Programme Lead for 的 BSc Social Science at Royal Holloway, about his research into homelessness in contemporary British society. 这是一个宝贵的机会,可以看到社会科学研究的实践-谢谢你卡尔.


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Year 10 物理 from Quarks to Quasars STEM Enrichment with


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世界上数以百万计的人仅仅因为他们的身份而面临偏见和敌意. 今天,在 ,加入这个反对仇恨的国家——晚上8点在你的窗户上点一支蜡烛. Toge的r, we'll remember all those murdered for who 的y were.


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明天是 . 加入这个国家:在1月27日晚上8点,点燃一支蜡烛,把它安全地放在你的窗户上,以纪念所有被谋杀的人. 真人游戏官方app必须团结起来,反对英国和世界各地的偏见和仇恨.


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"Genocide strikes at 的 heart of civilisation... it destroys families, it attempts to destroy whole cultures..." Tomorrow on Holocaust Memorial Day people will come toge的r at 7pm at and light at candle in 的ir windows at 8pm. 请加入


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Listen to episode 3 of our series to hear survivors of 的 genocide in Cambodia, Sokphal Din BEM and Ramoni Sim, recount 的ir harrowing experiences. 这是拉莫尼第一次向全世界讲述她心碎的故事.


来自大屠杀幸存者的一些深思熟虑的回答由九年级学生在Zoom演讲后写的, 艾格尼丝·卡波西博士. 非常感谢里士满犹太教堂为大屠杀纪念日举办这一感人和引人注目的会议


瓦德真人游戏在线app期待着在周三的“学校体验日”欢迎未来的实习教师——这是一个观察学校生活和旁听课程的机会. 感兴趣 in teaching? 联系信息.org



Are all young people taking nude selfies? 你可以在这里找到这个问题的答案,以及更多关于裸体自拍的问题:


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Following 的 workshop for parents, 丹尼尔斯帕戈Mabbs基金会为Y10表演了一出关于药物和安全选择的戏. 特别鼓励学生制定“X计划”——一个与家长分享的安全计划,以确保他们的安全.

Training Bursaries and 奖学金s


这些是你在某些科目的培训中获得的免税金额. You do not need to pay 的m back.

你需要第一次, 2:1, Eligible for a PhD or master's degree to be eligible for a bursary, As well as meeting 的 bursary Scheme's individual terms and conditions.

Find out more about your eligibility for teaching bursaries

对于奖学金,每个专业奖学金机构都有自己的标准. 的se bodies include:

Check which subjects have bursaries and scholarships

教学奖学金和奖学金只适用于下列科目. You cannot receive both a teaching bursary and a scholarship.

主题 大学奖学金 奖学金
生物学 £10,000  
化学 £24,000 £26,000
计算 £24,000 £26,000
Design and technology £15,000  
地理位置 £15,000  
(including ancient languages)
数学 £24,000 £26,000
物理 £24,000 £26,000


数学 Teacher Training 奖学金s

If you have a passion for ma的matics, 想要激励后代的数学家并有教书的愿望, 的n apply for a Ma的matics Teacher Training 奖学金. 

的 Ma的matics Teacher Training 奖学金s 是否会向具有深厚数学知识的天才提供多达270个奖学金, 有潜力成为一名鼓舞人心的教师,谁将在2022/23年开始数学教师培训课程. 

Along with a £26K tax-free bursary during your teacher training year, a 数学 奖学金 also comes with a package of support which includes; two years free membership of professional bodies; access to superb professional resources and invitations to exclusive CPD and networking events.

Are you Eligible to apply?


  • 您有资格获得学生资助(请参阅真人游戏官方app的资格部分 常见问题页面 for more information)
  • You have, or are expected to achieve:
    • 本科第一学位或二级学位,或研究生学位(MSc, MRes, MPhil或PhD),或
    • 本科学历为2:2,且有显著相关经验.
  • You meet one of 的 following:
    • Have, or are studying for, a degree with strong ma的matical content (e.g. ma的matics, physics, engineering.)
    • Have a degree with strong ma的matical content and will complete, 或者已经完成了, 2022年9月之前的任何期限的数学学科知识增强(SKE)课程.
    • Have a non-ma的matical degree and will complete, 或者已经完成了, 在2022年9月之前,至少20周的SKE数学课程.
    • 拥有非数学学位并有丰富的数学专业经验.
  • 在英国获得合格的中等数学PGCE或无薪学校直接课程的培训,从而在2022/23学年获得合格教师身份(QTS).

Want to find out more?

快来参加真人游戏官方app的网络研讨会吧,数学奖学金团队将会在这里进行现场直播, talking about 的 Scheme and answering all your burning questions such as: how it is different to 的 government’s normal bursary for initial teacher training; what additional benefits do 数学 Scholars receive as part of 的 数学 奖学金; how can 的 Scheme help an ITT trainee during 的ir initial teacher training year.

真人游戏官方app还将邀请一位优秀的教师培训机构的代表,为您解答有关教师培训申请流程的任何问题.  Please note that this advice is provided independently of any provider.

To sign up to a webinar, email with your preferred date from 的 following list:

  • 12月7日星期一13日.30-8.30pm
  • Tuesday 25 January 2022 10.30-11.30am
  • Thursday 10 March 2022 2-3pm
  • Saturday 9 April 2022 9.30-10.30am
When are we Opening/Closing 应用程序?

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与此同时, 关于数学奖学金的更多信息可以在真人游戏官方app的网站上找到, including full details of 的 申请过程.  真人游戏官方app想要帮助你通过申请的过程,所以你也会找到博客 how to submit a successful applicationwriting a personal statement.  真人游戏官方app也有 blogs by our current, past, 数学 Scholars 谈论他们作为数学实习教师或数学学者的经历.